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tb-software proudly announces new release V1.8 of Rheingold3D. It brings a bunch of new creative tools including Bezier Patch Meshes, Spline Surfaces and many more improvements. Rheingold3D strengthen it´s focus on effective and smart polygon modeling and supports now even more styles of polygon modeling.
A description of all improvements and changes can be found here.

tb-software proudly announces new release V1.7a of Rheingold3D.
Beside speed improvements for existing tools, bug fixes and minor changes Rheingold3D V1.7 offers now a new set of spline modeling tools. Now it possible to create polygon meshes directly from a set of splines like rail 2 sweep command.
Another fantastic feature is the new tool "create bump map". It takes a low resolution and a high resolution mesh and calculates bump/displacement, occlusion and normal map.
Finally Rheingold3D offers a new "bump" - paint mode. Now you can directly "paint" your "bumps" on the mesh.
A description of all improvements and changes can be found here.

tb-software proudly announces new release V1.7 of Rheingold3D.
This version adds a lot of features requested by the the community:
tb-software added a toolbar to the framework,
added 6 "hot buttons" to each view port,
redesigned and extended the "create material" dialog,
RIB render integration (like BMTR, Entropy, Gelato and Aqsis),
further improved POV-Ray export and
finally redesigned Wavefront (*.obj/*.mtl) importer in order to provide best quality for scenes imported from Poser and XFrog.
A description of all improvements and changes can be found here.

tb-software opened new message board for all products. Just follow this link.


3DWin 5.6/Rheingold3D V1.6a released .Beside many more improvements it provides a very fast and easy generation of ISO-Surfaces.

3DWin 5.6/Rheingold3D V1.6 released. It comes now with improved VRML1/2 import, object deformer like bend, taper or twist and the relax tool for improved uv layout.

3DWin 5.5a and Rheingold3D V1.5b released.
3DWin comes now with STL Import/ Export and complete support for batch conversion on command line. Rheingold3D brings displacement mapping and improvements for POV-Ray as external render engine. Additional new tutorial is available here. It explains how to use Rheingold3D with POV-Ray/MegaPOV and how to setup HDR images and radiosity parameter.

New screen shots of Rheingold3D released. In addition we added some links to blueprint sites.

3DWin 5.5 and Rheingold3D V1.5a released. 3DWin comes now with Nendo Importer and IGES Exporter. Rheingold3D offers now more UV Mapping tools including LSCM UV Unwrapping.

Rheingold3D V1.5 released. Get more information here. New tutorial section opened for Rheingold3D.

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