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The 3D File Format Converter

3DWin is the accurate and rock solid 3D scene translation tool.

Used worldwide by thousands of 3D-industry professionals, 3DWin is an indispensable production pipeline tool that performs clean, robust and reliable translations between the most popular 3D file formats.

See for yourself by downloading the demo version today.

3DWin converts entire scene files, including solids, meshes with vertex normals, (u,v) texture coordinates, texture mapping parameters, image maps, lights and cameras. Just load the translated model into your favorite 3D program and press the render button.

Using 3DWin you'll never again have to spend hours hand-tweaking a 3D model.

System Requirements:

Minimum Hardware-Requirements
Windows 98ME/W2K/XP/7/8
512 MB RAM, CPU 1GHz and more

Recommend Hardware-Requirements
Windows W2K/XP/7/8
1024 MB RAM, CPU 2 GHz and more

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long-term use of software.

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