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Rheingold3D is the first choice when it comes to creation of characters or models for modern 3d games.
Rheingold3D supports you with a intuitive interface and workflow to concentrate on the creative aspects:

Rheingold3D provides basic solids or splines to start your modeling process. All polygon tools from basic rotation of a polygon to complex extrude operations can be activated by a so called key command chain. So no more looking through endless menus for the next required tool.

As soon as your polygon model is finished in most cases you need to assign proper texture maps to your mesh. Rheingold3D offers a rich set of UV mapping tools starting from automatic UV map generation over UV mesh unwrapping (LSCM) to manual tweaking of each individual UV vertex. The UV editor is seamless integrated into Rheingold3D's interface and shows results of your UV editing instantly in all other views as well.
Finally just export your model render ready to Maya, 3DS Max or Lightwave.


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