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Product description

CS-3301 is a channel strip plugin with gate, EQs, compressor, saturation and oversampling.



The (noise) gate suppresses noise or any other signal below a certain level. The expander increases the signal below threshold.


CS-3301 comes with 7 independent filter, shaping the sound accurately.


The compressor controls the dynamics of the signal.

VU Meter

The VU meter monitors level of input/output signal and gain reduction of the compressor.


The routing section of CS-3301 orders freely the individual modules.



Demo version versus Registered version

In demo mode (without registering) the plugin mutes audio every 90 seconds for a short period. This could be circumvented by clicking on the "TBProAudio" label within 90 seconds.


Please download CS-3301 here.


Please order CS-3301 activation key here.


After installation product is in demo mode and needs to be activated. Please follow the steps described in the manual or here.






Customer Reviews

Rafael Morgan (

Hey guys,

I just want to let you know that you've got a little masterpiece in your hands. The CS-3301 sounds and "feels" exceptionally great.

I don't know what you've done here, but you should do some more. If you keep on this track, you might as well beat big names like Slate and Softube.

Just so you know, I just replaced all instances of [competition name] modules in a mix (except for their console emulation) with your channel strip and now it's sounding way more natural, smooth, transparent and open.

Your EQ is simply outstanding for cutting nasty frequencies...I'm just baffled about how musical it is.

I don't know what you did with that saturation thing, but it sounds way smoother than the big majority of analogue emulations out there. It gives a natural and very analoguish and creamy body to a sound.

Good job, guys. I wish you only the best.

trmupstage (KVRAudio)

I saw this a year ago and thought "why would I ever want a channel strip? I can do all that even better with individual plugins". Since that time, I've bought Waves SSL E Channel and a lot of Softube plugins and many other EQs. I have come to appreciate the channel strip idea not so much for the sound but for the speed of editing. I don't have to open multiple plugins to do basic EQ, Gate and Compression. So after working with others for a while, I downloaded the demo of CS-3301. What's going on with the EQ? With similar settings, it sounds so much smoother than the Wave SSL EQ. It's a little puzzling actually. I can take the HF at 12Khz all the way up and it never sounds like too much. Is it really adding that much EQ change? It throws me off a little because it does sound so musical. I'm kind of an EQ junkie. I keep buying them to find one that "feels" right, is musical and is quick to get good results. With the CS-3301, I can get better results faster than I can with the dozens of other EQs I have. I've also come to appreciate the "no spectrum or graph idea. I spend waaay too much time looking at the waveforms instead of just listening to the sound. This is a big workflow speedup. I went back through some mixes and swapped it in place of a lot of SSL E Channels. I was able to find problems, make corrections and get a very open sound in a fraction of the time it took with the Waves. Given enough time, I can get them to sound similar, but when I'm mixing, speed is everything. The controls work perfectly. No odd jumps or jerkiness. The EQ and Saturation are the super strong points to the CS-3301. I'm seriously thinking of picking this up, even though I just spent way too much money on other plugins and some new mic preamps in the studio.

preso1616 (KVRAudio)

Please check this out - and read carefully - this Plugin will blow your mind .

I have put this Channel Strip up against an entire rock MIX and compared against Waves E-Channel, G-Channel, Schepps73, TG12345, Slate Virtual Mixrack, PluginAlliance BX console E and G. Every Plugin set to get the best possible sound on every Channel, Bus and Mixbus - and a time limit to eliminate endless tweaking but also see who quickly a good result could be obtained.

First of all - PERFORMANCE - is unbelievable. This plugin consumes almost ZERO resources, I could hardly believe it. This is very efficient and powerful ...


- UPDATE: small changes in registration process

- FIX: saturation not processed when routing enabled

- FIX: VST3 Cubase read correct bypass state

- FIX: session data reduced

- UPDATE: user preset management improved
- FIX: crash VST3, Adobe Audition 2020

- FIX: improved Studio One/Ableton compatibility

- FIX: improved DAW bypass handling

- UPDATE: stepped level/gain mouse input
- FIX: load default values from disk (AAX)
- FIX: store current preset name with project (VST3/AAX)

- NEW: Info menu
- NEW: text entry box accepts simple 2k4 format
- CHG: double click resets control, double click on text opens text entry box
- FIX: Parameter shape optimized
- FIX: Ableton Live/Studio One/FL Studio PDC fix

- Fix for erroneous auto activation of controls

- Hotfix: enabling HMF, MF and LF filter
- Mouse handling consolidated: shift mouse drag slows down parameter change, ctrl mouse drag accelerates parameter change

- DSP: Filter code optimized

- Preset handling improved

- Presets: new preset manager, xml based

- optimized EQ parameter smoothing
- AAX/RTAS: Fixed crash due to incorrect PDC initialization

- GUI: small fixes
- GUI: mouse control logic adjusted, please refer to the manual
- Meter: display of current value (IN/OUT/GR/ATTN) added
- PDC: communication with DAW optimized

- AAX: fix rounding int values
- AAX: fix init Input/Output value
- Bypass: fixed latency compensation when plugin is bypassed in some hosts (e.g. Cubase, Studio One, Logic ...)
- PDC: fix for Plugin Doctor

- New: expander
- New: range control for gate/expander
- New: VU Meter for gate attenuation
- New: flexible module routing
- Fix for default preset
- AU: fix for parameter automation precision
- AAX: fix for fader init value
- Note: due to addition of new parameter, old user presets do no longer work, existing DAW project settings should still work

- OS: fix default preset

- VST3: PDC fix
- Presets: improved handling
- OS: fix for larger block sizes
- OS: OS filter improved

- Mac OSX: Fix for value fields
- GUI: Fix for overlapping reg info
- Start-up: Fix for erroneous start-up values

- Preset prev/next hang fix
- VST2: bypass fix

- VST2/3: support for PreSonus::IGainReductionInfo

- GUI fix: analog off/on switched

- GUI update
- Meter refresh rate changed to 25ms
- Preset management
- Presets added
- Fix for default paths during load/save presets
- Activation procedure changed (preserving backward compatibility)

- EQ parameter smoothing optimized

- Additional CPU optimizations
- EQ parameter smoothing

- fixed wrong CPU optimization

- VU Meter optimized
- VU Meter needle hold

- Small GUI changes

- Small GUI changes
- Saturation pre/post filter switch added

- Small GUI changes

- Plugin latency reduced
- Clear type fonts
- Auto activate for EQs, gate and comp when changing parameter
- Small GUI changes

- LF Band: fixed wrong filter type display
- VUMeter: display bug fixed
- 2xOS: Small CPU optimizations
- Filter Q knob: shape changed
- Comp: MakeUpGain added
- Comp: Mix added

- GUI fresh up

- RTAS crash fix
- RTAS/AAX mouse handling optimized

- Alt + left mouse resets knob/fader
- Input/Output knob/fader shows -INF instead of -144.0
- Gate LED reverted
- CPU optimization for mono config

- Initial release