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Product description

dEQ6 is a 6 band stereo/MS dynamic equalizer with high quality oversampling and accurate spectrum analyzer.

dEQ6 controls the filter gain of each band by a compressor/expander. This reduces or increases the gain in a specific frequency range, depending on the program material. The detector signal for the compressor/expander is processed by a pre filter which is controlled by the centre frequency and Q-factor of the dynamic filter. This ensures that the compressor/expander is only activated by content in the specified frequency range.


Interactive EQ display

The display shows the spectrum curve of the incoming (green) and outgoing (blue) signal. It is controlled by the analyzer modes and settings. The static minimum/maximum filter response is displayed as a light yellow band, the current filter response as red curve. The light grey curve shows the pre filter response of the compressor. Each filter band has its own handle (white), which can be moved and tweaked by mouse.

Filter parameter

dEQ6 consists of 6 stereo dynamic filter in series. Each filter can be configured individually by setting type, stereo placement (all, left/mid and right/side), frequency, gain, q-factor, threshold, ratio, attack, release time and gain reduction range.

Plugin modes

dEQ6 offers high-quality oversampling (up to 4x). Oversampling is used to correct magnitude/phase distortions near Nyquist frequency. The plugin can run in "normal" stereo mode or in Mid-Side mode. Mid-side mode is used for e.g. stereo/mono split ( EDM/Dance productions).


Demo version versus Registered version

In demo mode (without registering) the plugin mutes audio every 90 seconds for a short period. This could be circumvented by clicking on the "dEQ6" logo within 90 seconds.


Please download dEQ6 here.

System Requirements




Please order dEQ6 activation key here.




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- AAX/RTAS: Fixed crash due to incorrect PDC initialization

- AAX: fix rounding int values
- Analyzer: Live curve update adjusted
- Analyzer: Update speed increased
- Bypass: fixed latency compensation when plugin is bypassed in some hosts (e.g. Cubase, Studio One, Logic ...)
- GUI: mouse control logic adjusted, please refer to the manual
- PDC: communication with DAW optimized

- VST3: PDC fix
- OS: Fix for higher block size
- Preset manager
- Scope: mouse double click actives filter
- Meters: decay rate increased

- code optimizations

- PDC optimizations for small ASIO buffers

- GUI Fix: new global activate button
- New buttons: Grid/Pre-Filter curve On/Off

- FFT size reduced to 16K, more responsive spectrum update
- Spectrum decay-time increased

(Warning: Please remove all dEQ6 instances from your projects and insert again as parameter count has changed!)
- Some bug fixes
- Mouse sensitivity adjusted
- Solo Band
- SideChain per Band

- Initial release