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LA xLimit II

(no longer maintained, please look at LA xLimit III)

Product description

LA xLimit II is an advanced look ahead, wideband linked-stereo limiter including ISP (inter sample peak) detection and oversampling.

LA xLimit II is the successor of LA xLimit, our very popular look ahead limiter. It offers more control over transients and adaptive release curves. It also adds a second limiter stage for better performance in ISP detection mode.

The goal of the design was to cover a broad range of limiting applications in today's mixing and mastering situations with strong focus on low aliasing.


LA xLimit II is specifically designed for mastering, digital editing, multimedia, and any application that requires limiting of the digital signal with top notch quality and lowest aliasing. LA xLimit II guarantees ultra fast and overshot free response by using advanced look ahead algorithms.

In order to fulfill today's TV, broadcast and music production requirements LA xLimit II offers True-Peak limiting (ISP) based on ITU-1770 specification and on top of it up to 8x "real" oversampling. Combined with True-Peak limiting reaches even highest production standards.

LA xLimit II includes an advanced adaptive release control system which reduces massively artifacts caused by fixed release times. In order to increase limiting sensitivity both stereo channels can be freely linked/unlinked.

LA xLimit II is designed to be used as last plugin in the processing chain (brick-wall limiting).


Note: This plugin adds latency to the audio path, which is usually compensated by DAW (PDC).

Demo version versus Registered version

The demo version stops functionality after 90 secs, which can be rearmed by mouse click on the LA xLimit II logo.


Please download LA xLimit II here.

System Requirements


Please order LA xLimit II activation key here.
(Note: Key file can be used with LA xLimit and LA xLimit II)




Saintpid Mastering

Customer Reviews



- Presets: preset manager updated

- Presets: new preset manager, xml based

- AAX/RTAS: Fixed crash due to incorrect PDC initialization

- AAX: fix rounding int values
- Bypass: fixed latency compensation when plugin is bypassed in some hosts (e.g. Cubase, Studio One, Logic ...)
- GUI: mouse control logic adjusted, please refer to the manual
- PDC: communication with DAW optimized

- NEW: Preset management
- NEW: Monitor mode, listen at unity gain
- NEW: Mid/Side channel mode
- NEW: Clip Mode
- CHANGED: Activation process
- AutoRelease improved
- Improved TP handling in OS modes
- Optimized TP detection
- Meter update speed increased
- Anti-aliasing of clipper improved
- PDC optimized
- FIX: VST3, PDC fix
- FIX: OS, fix for larger block size

- Code optimizations

- AAX: parameter change fix

- TP-Detection improved

- DSP code optimizations

- Small code optimizations
- Crackles reduced during parameter change

- GUI Refresh
- TP measurement: CPU usage reduced
- Plugin delay reduced for 2xOS

- Optimized TP detection for OS>1
- TP Measurement according BS.1770-4
- PDC optimizations for small ASIO buffers
- Latency optimizations

- Reduced crackling during character change

- ISP crash fixed
- latency reduced for non-OS modes
- meter ballistics changed

- Initial release